Accounting (IFRS)

Our partners are certified and have the necessary expertise as a result of their experience as consultants that provided their services to the largest and most complex companies in the country.  Our partners also strive to remain updated on global and local changes by carrying out continuous training.

General Aspects

  • Diagnosis and implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Diagnosis and implementation of IFRS for small-sized companies
  • Advisory on specific standards and issues.
  • In-house training on specific IFRS.
  • Preparing accounting policy manuals.

Specific Issues

  • Derivative financial instruments.
  • Classification, measurement and presentation of financial instruments.
  • Business combination.
  • Separate, consolidated and combined financial statements.
  • Joint agreements (joint business, joint ventures).
  • Financial statement translation and remeasurement.
  • Biological assets.
  • Determining functional currency.
  • Deferred income tax.
  • Finance and operating leases.
  • Evaluating asset impairment.
  • Financial information per segments.
  • Errors and changes in accounting policies.
  • Accounting treatment for mergers and acquisitions.