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Our partners have obtained their expertise by providing their services as auditors/reviewers for large and complex companies in the country within the private and public industry.  This experience and expertise is the basis to provide recommendations and contribute with trust in markets based on our objective opinions.

Accounting matters

  • Financial audit under International Auditing Standards.
  • Limited reviews.
  • Agreed upon procedures (AUP).
  • Accounting due diligence in acquisition processes.
  • Reviewing technical assistance services.

Financial System and Securities Market

  • Reviewing the Anti-Money Laundering System and Terrorist Funding (SBS and SMV).
  • Reviewing Information Security Plan.
  • Reviewing Business Continuity Plans.
  • Reviewing Internal Audit Department quality.
  • Reviewing compliance with standards on information transparency.
  • Reviewing compliance with standards for the Peruvian securities standard (SMV).
  • Other reviews required by the SMV and the Peruvian banking regulator (SBS).

Tax Matters

  • Reviewing Income Tax Returns.
  • Reviewing other tax files.
  • Reviewing technical assistance services.
  • Reviewing application of the Transfer Pricing Law.