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Interested in selling to the government?

The Peruvian government has a large demand for goods and services, which makes it an important client for your business; however, it also requires compliance with certain standards and is exhaustive in selecting is suppliers because its purpose is to safeguard Peruvian resources.  Therefore, we provide advisory services during the entire process from identifying opportunities until the date of hire.

  • Assistance in registering as a supplier for the Government through the national supplier registry (“Registro Nacional de Proveedores – RNP”).
  • Assistance to obtain permits and/or certificates that, according to Peruvian law, should be granted to companies based on their business purpose.
  • Specialized assistance in the adequate interpretation of the Peruvian Hiring Law and benefits for small-sized companies, as well as preparing technical proposals according to the selection processes, under the following methods: framework agreements, reverse and classic auctions to obtain the highest technical rating score.
  • Assistance to manage the Peruvian Electronic Hiring System (“Sistema Electrónico de Contrataciones del Estado – SEACE”) for suppliers.