About us

About us

Investa Partners Consulting was established in 2015 based on the vision of two young entrepreneurs motivated by the need to make changes and improve the business environment, based on security required for the financial markets and on the existence of certain unattended factors regarding quality expert services, such as certain departments in the country. Therefore, they saw an opportunity based on their experience, technical expertise, consulting experts and above all, their passion.

The combined experience of these two entrepreneurs was obtained from working with global companies in different industries as well as local first-rate companies. Regarding Peruvian companies, the founding partners have experience in small-sized companies and start-ups, as well as in banks, financial entities, micro-financial companies, insurance companies, investment funds, private equity funds, among others. They also have experience in entities in the public sector as well as regulators.

Our company is focused on small- and medium-sized companies in the market as well as enterprises, by providing them with assistance and expert advice based on their business purpose until the business is up and running.

    Our principal values are:

    • Long-lasting relationships with our clients
    • Tailored services
    • Thinking outside the box
    • Integrity and objectivity
    • Quality
    • Reliability and trust

Our Team

ceo enrique 4

Chief Executive Officer


Currently undergoing a Masters degree in Corporate Finance and Financial Risk at Centrum Catolica; he holds a Masters degree in Finance from EADA Business School Barcelona (Spain). Peruvian Certified Public Accountant from the renowned Universidad de San Marcos, specialized in Management Skills, post-graduate school of the prestigious Universidad de Piura, also specialized in Comprehensive Risk Management and International Financial Reporting Standards from the Universidad del Pacífico. Mr. Rodríguez is our Partner and CEO. He previously provided his services as a Financial Audit Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), global leading firm in auditing and advisory. He has experience in the following industries: insurance, investment funds, private equity funds, banking and microfinance. He is also a lecturer in specialized courses regarding these industries. Mr. Rodríguez also contributes to the Voluntary Management Program (COFIDE) by providing pro bono advice to entrepreneurs and small-sized companies.

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Currently undergoing an MBA from EGADE Business School-Tecnológico de Monterrey. Peruvian Certified Public Accountant from the prestigious Universidad de San Marcos and is specialized in Financial Risk Management and Project management (PM Book Method) from EGADE Business School-Tecnológico de Monterrey and Centrum Católica, accordingly. He previously provided his expert services as a Financial Audit Manager in Deloitte and Ernst & Young, global leading firms in advisory and auditing. His experience is directly related to a wide range of industries and he has been a lecturer on accounting, tax and auditing issues.